3 PhD students recruited in the frame of INFLANET project


We are happy to welcome Maria Demou, Liz Hernandez Perez and Resul Ozbilgic as PhD students within EU project INFLANET. INFLANET is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action – Innovative Training Network, funded within Horizon 2020 programme. The network is coordinated by UM – LPHI under scientific supervision of M.Nguyen-Chi and G.Lutfalla. The project gathers 12 partners (academic, research centres and industrials) from 7 EU countries and foresees to train 15 experts in Inflammation. Three of them have joined our lab recently – Maria Demou will work on “Structure-function relationships of extracellular S100 proteins, mediators of inflammation in human diseases” under supervision of L.Yatime, Liz Hernandez Perez on “High content pharmacological screening in vivo using the zebrafish” under supervision of G.Lutfalla and Resul Ozbilgic on “Molecular basis of macrophage polarization in vivo during inflammatory episodes” under supervision of M. Nguyen Chi.

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