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Post-doctoral / Engineer position in bioinformatics/biostatistics for parasitology in Montpellier University, France



The goal of our research is to understand the genomic and transcriptomic mechanisms that enable the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum to establish a chronic, asymptomatic, infectionin humans. More details can be found on “malaria”)


With colleagues at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Texas Biomedand at the Sanger Institute, we are sequencing parasite field isolate genomes, transcriptomes and single-cell transcriptomes.Your tasks:

     -Characterise the parasite population genetic diversity in The Gambia, using genotyping, genomic and epidemiologic data.

     -Identify parasite genes differentially regulated in the dry versus wet season.

     -Test the hypothesis that some Plasmodium falciparum parasites may enter ‘dormancy’ during the dry season in human chronic infections.


     -Training inbiostatistics/bioinformatics, or in molecular biology with experiencein biostatistics and programming.

Who we are

Antoine Claessens (PI) is a malariologist who trained at Edinburgh University, the Sanger Institute, LSHTM and the MRC-Gambia. He recently joined Montpellier University as a “Chargé de Recherche INSERM”. He was awarded an ATIP with which this position will be funded. The lab currently consists of one engineerand 2 PhD students.

What we can offer

The initial contract will be for two years, renewable for at least one year. You will work under the supervision of Dr Antoine Claessens. You will closely interact with mathematicians and computer scientists of the systems biology team from LPHI, with experienced bioinformaticians from the bioinformatics platform and with population geneticists from MIVEGEC. Both ‘UMR’ are very international, with highly competent and friendly scientists. More generally, Montpellier is a large hub for research in Life Sciences, particularly in the field of evolutionary biology. Being able to speak French is not a requirement. A more detailed description of this job application can be found

Please note that we will likely hire a PhD student in summer 2020.

Interested in applying?Please send an email to antoine.claessens [arobase]


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